Rhapsody On Pavement

Rhapsody on Pavement is an ode to a burgeoning movement. We careen on skateboards with Yumi Lee who stumbled into the world of skating. Her experience speaks to the realities of exploring a city through your skateboard, expressing identity in a changing world, and making space for yourself by redefining your city, all while trying to land a sick kickflip.

Ashbridges Bay Skatepark / Beaches Skatepark

Toronto’s only regional scale skatepark, and the largest concrete skatepark in Ontario.

About The Team
About the Director
About the Director

Sara Jade Alfaro is a director, writer and producer based in Toronto, ON. She grew up in Oshawa, Ontario where most of her childhood friends were over seventy years old and GM pensioners, and where her family was the first family of colour on the block. She uses sharp wit and whimsey to tell stories with honest and real truths, for audiences of all ages. Sara enjoys integrating cultural narratives and comedy into her work, finding ways to explore both her cultural backgrounds – Middle eastern and Latina- within a contemporary Canadian landscape.

Sara is on the board of directors at the Weengushk Film Institute on Manitoulin Island and is also currently the Head of Production at Merchant Toronto working alongside Tim Godsall and Executive Producer Ian Webb where they make award- winning commercials, PSAs, music videos and the occasional weird experimental film.

  • DOP
    John Ker
  • Producer
    Colin Walker
  • 1st AC
    Dan Duguay
  • 2nd AC
    Tom Wood
  • Sound Mixer
    Michael Curtis
  • PA/DIT
    Brian Lanigan
  • PA
    Yasmin Evering-Kerr, Tyler Klemantti
  • B Cam
    Bob Lyte
  • Subjects
    Yumi Lee 18 – Skating for 2 years, Royan Lee – Skating for 2 years, Stephanie Battieste 34 – skating for 15 years, Melaney Stanberry 29 – skating for 5 years, Danielle Hurcl 25 – skating for 3 years, Oorbee Roy 46 – Skating for 3 years